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Quantum Gravity Grand Unification New Physics
Lecture Notes to various Spring Conferences of the German Physical Society (DPG) - free open access:
2015 Berlin (MP 5.1) Quantum Gravity and Its GUT Extension Explaining Neutrino Parities,
   the Particle Spectrum, and the Detailed Slopes of Resonances.
2015 Wuppertal (T 97.5) The Structure of Hadronic Flavours and Weak Interactions as
   Deduced from Quantum Gravity and Its GUT Extension.
2015 Berlin (AGPhil 13.1) 100 Years after Einstein's GR, 115 Years after Planck's Quanta -
   Viewing Our World 5 Years after Their Consistent Unification.
2014 Berlin (MP 12.2) On Track from Quantum Gravity and Its GUT Extension towards
   the General-Relativistic Version of Feynman Graphs.
2014 Berlin (GR 27.2) Is Our Universe Finite? New Physics by Dark Matter. On Hike
   Through Black, White, and Worm Holes.
2014 Mainz (T 99.5) The Lepton Family as Resulting from the GUT Extension of
   Quantum Gravity. Pauli's Exclusion Principle by "Internal" Forces.
2014 Berlin (AGPhil 10.1) Beyond Quantum Gravity and Its GUT extension:
   Problems Still Open in Comprehending Our World.
2013 Jena (AGPhil 10.3) Successfully Unravelling the Structure of Our Universe and Its
   Particles by First Principles.
2013 Dresden (T 25.3) Particle Physics under the Auspices of Quantum Gravity and Its
   GUT extension. Deriving Forces and the Quark Confinement.
2013 Jena (GR 20.1) Quantum Gravity: Cosmology and Its Relations to Particle Physics.
2013 Jena (MP 1.3) What Does Go Wrong with Field Theories? Alternatives to 6 Points
   Worth to Be Rediscussed.
2012 Göttingen (GR 10.1) General Relativity Consistently Unified with Quantum Theory.
Summary View. Free open access:
2014 (English version) The "World Formula", Rising from the Ashes of "Standard" Dogmas
   after 40 Years of Stagnating Particle Theory. 139 pages.
2013 (German version) Die „Weltformel”, Strategiepapier zur „Neuen Physik” als
   Ersatz für das alte „Standard”-Modell. 139 Seiten.
Popular Science Presentations. Free open access:
2014 Berlin (GR 28.2, in German) Einsteins Traum, 7 Seiten.
Precursor Representations. Free open access
2014 Extrakt (German version) Fluss der Zeit, Neue Physik per Quantengravitation,
   e-book. ISBN 978-3-7368-5583-0. Als PDF-Datei 119 Seiten.
2014 Extract (English version) Flow of Time, Quantum Gravity giving New Physics,
   e-book. ISBN 978-3-7368-5584-7. PDF file 114 pages.
2013 Extrakt (German version) Neue Physik, Morgendämmerung der Erkenntnis.
   e-book. ISBN 978-3-7309-6222-0. Als PDF-Datei 88 Seiten.
2013 Extract (English version) New Physics, Dawn of Cognition.
   e-book. ISBN 978-3-7309-6353-1. PDF file 82 pages.
2011 Karlsruhe (T 25.1) Weltbild im 3. Jahrtausend, nach Vereinheitlichung aller Kräfte der Natur.
2010 ISBN 978-3-00-030847-6
(print-book, in German)
Weltbild nach Vereinheitlichung aller Kräfte der Natur im 3. Jahrtausend.
   190 Seiten.(Antiquarische Bestellung Freiexemplar beim Autor; Postkarte genügt.)
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