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Quantum Gravity Grand Unification New Physics
The Actual State of Cognition
Young and Dirac, the Prophets of New Physics. C. Birkholz
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A critical review of the “Standard” Models. A characteristic of New Physics is its hierarchic organisation in powers of 8 dimensions (Matryoshka principle) and its split into 2 channels.
   According to Bell, this enables the coexistence of causality with entanglement, shows how visible matter with its non-valence parts condensed out of dark matter, explains the quark confinement and the asymptotic flatness of Eternal Inflation. The world formula unifies all forces of nature to a Grand Unified Theory and this GUT is combined with Quantum Gravity into a Theory of Everything (ToE). By reproducing the correct value of the fine-structure constant, weak interactions are shown to be a dipole effect.
   A novel segregation between micro- and macrocosm explains the measuring process and the irreversibility of time. It demonstrates the logic gaps in Einstein’s General Relativity by quantising his curvilinear geometry (including virtual states, dark energy, etc.) thus generating a consistent black-hole physics without singularities.
   For all that, A. Young and P. Dirac had provided the mathematical basics, while classical physics and Einstein had gone on isolating themselves in self-made deadlocks.